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About the Company

Polikar and Co was established in 1991 by Dr. Karen Karapetyan. Its activity comprises rendering complete public dental care services. Since its foundation the company has been extending its services in Moscow. Today the company comprises a net of dental care centers. Our centers are known as The Family Discounts Dental Care centers . The task we set to our staff is to provide the best quality of treatment. Gradually we came to conclusion that to render this treatment we need to follow the recent developments of the dental care market and provide our centers with up-to-date equipment and materials.

In 1999 we started to develop a new branch of activity that is studying and purchasing dental care equipment and materials. This brought us to understanding that a new company was to be set up.
In 2000 we established POLIKARDENT which equips our own centers and provides the Russian dental treatment market with new technologies. As well we extend our activities to the post soviet countries. 

But to render the best quality services it s not enough to have modern equipment and materials, what s more important is to study and implement new dental care methods and technologies. Since our foundation we have always been studying every innovation that appears on the Russian or foreign markets. We take part in big international dental care exhibitions and symposiums where dentists from different countries share their experiences and opinions on new technologies. 

A new acquaintance starts with studying the producing company and the conditions of the process of production. We study the quality of products, their physical chemical and technical characteristics as well as tissue compatibility. Any dental care equipment item or material sold on the Russian market has been tested, got through clinical trial, has been registered in Ministry of health protection of Russia and licensed . 

Dr. K. Karapetyan is an Associate Professor of a Department of the Moscow State University Of Medicine And Dentistry (MGMSU). So today except for dental treatment and selling equipment our company carries out research and education activities on a large scale. For dentists we offer training courses where the participants can get necessary certificates afterwards. As well our company is engaged in scientific research programs of the University of Medical and Dental Treatment and the Central Dental Care Research Institute of Russia (CDCRIR). The research works are covered by large journals in the field. 

The company has been carrying out the research of the dental care market analyzing supply and demand and we are always ready to consider any proposals of international cooperation. Our work has gained the confidence of our home and foreign partners. We have been gradually expanding the net of our promoters, including some dental care centers on the territory of Russia and post-Soviet states. 

POLIKARDENT is the main representative in Russia of some producers of the dental care equipment and materials that proved the high standards of their products.

We welcome any proposals of cooperation from both Russian and foreign partners!